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Afternoon Car Line Procedures

T.L. Rodes Afternoon Car Line Procedures:

*NOTE: In Phase 2 of reopening schools, the Car Line procedures at Rodes will reflect some necessary changes in order to meet CDC regulations for Social Distancing.

1. Enter the traffic circle the same way as you would in the morning. Please do not change lanes once you enter the traffic circle.

2. Have your car tag hanging on your mirror until AFTER your child is in your vehicle. This will let everyone know which car your child belongs in. If you need a new car tag or would like to buy extras, bring your Photo ID and $1.00 for each car tag you want into the office. If you do not have your car tag, then you will be asked to pull over to the side and take your ID inside so you may get your child.

3. An administrator will direct the carline in the afternoon. One car from each lane will be directed to the lane closest to the school. 

4. An administrator or staff member will be announcing your child's name on the radio (Pre-K) or the bullhorn (K & 1st). Please remind your child to listen for their name so they will know when to get up.

5. At all possible, let the child enter the vehicle on the passenger (right) side. Also, we will not place your child in the front seat!

6. Go over with your child on how to buckle themselves in. If you need to assist your child, we ask that you pull up and over to the side by the fence to help them. This will keep the line moving.

7. Do not pull out of the line. This is for your safety and for others.

8. Please be alert and ready at all times.

By doing all of the above, we can keep the car line moving swiftly! Thanks for your cooperation!