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Check In/Check Out

Student Check-In Procedures:

Please note that school starts promptly at 7:50am. If your child is not in the building by 7:50, you will need to come check them in. If you will be using our carline, make sure that you are in line by 7:45am. This will ensure that your child is not tardy. At 7:50 our duty teachers will go inside and therefore no one will be on the sidewalk to see your child inside. Please do not drop them off at the front door and leave. This is for your child's safety! It will only take a minute of your time to sign them in. When you reach the counter, sign in on the yellow paper with your child's name, teacher, your name and the reason you are late.

Student Check-Out Procedures:

When checking your child out of school, please make sure that you bring in a photo ID. This also goes for your emergency contacts listed on the check-out card. You will not be able to check your child out without some sort of photo identification with the name on it. Also, anyone that is not listed on the child's check-out card will not be able to check your child out of school. This is for your child's safety! Once your ID has been checked, you will need to sign your child out on the white paper with the time, child's name, your name, and reason for check-out. Please allow for a couple of minutes for your child to come to the office. With Enrichment, PE, and other activities going on throughout the school, it may take your child a little longer than expected to get their things and come to the office.

 Please note that you may not check your child out past 2:10 pm due to the traffic and the one-way in and one-way out of the school. You can, however, write a note in the office for your child to be a car rider. Make sure you have your car rider sign with you when you do this. If not, you may purchase one in the office for $1.00. We cannot take bus/car rider changes over the phone, email or fax machine. You must write a note and send with your child or come write one in the office.