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Morning Car Line Procedures


T.L. Rodes is pleased to announce that bus service is available to all of our students.  If you are bringing your child to school, please take a moment to carefully read about our Morning Carline Procedures.  We have these procedures in place to protect the safety of our students.  Please let us know if you have questions about any of these procedures.


T.L. Rodes’ Morning Carline Procedures

1. Once you enter the traffic circle, please stay in the same lane until you exit the unloading area. 


2. Please turn off cell phones, take care of lunch money, signing of notes, or other activities before you enter the unloading area.


3. Turn off your engine after you pull into the unloading area.


4. An administrator will signal (listen for megaphone) when it is safe for the students to exit your vehicle.  The administrator will wait until all engines are off so no students will be crossing in front of running vehicles.


5. Parents, please stay in your vehicle, and have your child ready to exit the vehicle as soon as the unload signal is given.  All students should exit your vehicle on the right (passenger’s) side.


6. An administrator will signal when to start your engine (listen for megaphone).  Please do not start your vehicle until the signal is given as there may still be students walking in the unloading area.


7.  An administrator will release the cars from the unloading area one lane at a time beginning with the outside lane.